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7-Year High Mortgage Rates: A good reason to work with a Sellect Realty Agent

What are mortgage rates? Let’s get to the basics. A mortgage is a loan that a person acquires in order to purchase a property. Mortgage rates to buy a house in Atlanta are a calculation of the interest you pay to the lender for the loan itself. Mortgage loans are commonly either 15 years or 30 years for a house. Currently, mortgage interest rates (called mortgage rates) for a thirty-year loan are at the same percentage as in 2011 according to and Reuters. This is a seven-year high!

So why do you need to work with a Sellect Realty agent in order to find a home in Marietta or the surrounding areas? The reason is simple. You need the Sellect Realty agent to have a representative in your corner to counter the current high mortgage rates. Our agents are knowledgeable, and are able to get you the best deal on the house of your dreams, putting more money into your pocket for everyday life after you buy your home. 

Sellect Realty agents understand that home buying in Georgia is a business transaction, and have the professional training necessary to get more for you out of your contract. No agent is able to change a mortgage rate, but we are able to negotiate contract stipulations well in your favor to counteract the money you will be paying for the interest on your loan. 

Visit to learn more about buying a home with Sellect Realty representing your interests. 


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