House for sale in Marietta, Georgia
Your search for the best home is over! The latest listings in Marietta, Georgia have revealed that there are numerous incredible Homes for Sale in Marietta, Georgia 30064. The homes have everything, from numerous rooms to a spacious kitchen, parking space, master bath, master bedroom and much more. House 1352 SW Willowbrook Drive, Marietta, GA 30064 For Sale Here is one of the details of these ready to sell home 1352 SW Willowbrook Drive, Marietta, GA 30064 to blow your mind. You can also know more about the listings featured listings Property Type: Residential Detached Year Built: 1986 Age Description: Resale Price:Read More
First Time Home Buyers Tips
Are you tired of paying your hard-earned money in rents? Are you looking to buy a home that is your own? Or are you just out in the real estate market – searching for a house but the whole process seems exceedingly overwhelming? In any case, these first time home buyers tips and advices are exactly what you need to read to see off the stress. So let’s get started with how to make first time home buying process smooth and easy. First Time Home Buyers Tips – Getting Started WithRead More
How To Buy Foreclosed Homes
Definition of foreclosed home: a foreclosed home is a residential property for which the owner is unable to pay the mortgage. As a result, the bank/lender repossesses the ownership of the property and put on for sale. For those looking for foreclosures but don’t know   how to buy foreclosed homes, here is the whole shebang, give it a solid read. How To Buy Foreclosed Homes – Steps To Buying A Foreclosed Home: When buying a foreclosed home, keeping the following tips in mind would help you get the best deal possible.Read More
A recent peak in Georgia real estate has seen a significant shift in trend. A huge number of fresh graduates and the professionals from other lines of work are hugely keen on joining the industry. To become a realtor, there are specific rules and regulations defined by the Georgia real estate commission. Here is a complete guide on GA real estate commission rules and regulations and the scope of realtors in the state. How Do I Get My Georgia Real Estate License? The first and foremost requirement to becoming aRead More
A mortgage is a legal agreement by which a bank or an agency lends a loan to the first time home buyers for a particular period. If the borrower fails to return the loan in that time, the lenders hold the right to take the ownership or foreclose the property. When a first time home buyer meets a lender, the first thing he asks is how much mortgage do I qualify for? And this is the right way to start the loan process. A great number of buyers have no ideaRead More
How Much Does A Real Estate Agent Make Per Year
When talking about income, there is no exact figure which helps to determine how much does a real estate agent make per year. Several factors combine and form the numbers of income of a real estate agent. The experience, the category they belong to (commercial or residential) and the commission rate are few to name. All these factors have a different impact on the income of various agents, hence the different revenue for each agent. Here is a brief idea as to how these three factors play their part inRead More
How Does a Reverse Mortgage Work
a reverse mortgage is a home equity loan for senior homeowners. Usually aged 62 or above. This loan involves no monthly installments and is paid back when the borrower passes away or sells the house.To understand how does a reverse mortgage work, give this article a solid read. How a Does Reverse Mortgage Work – Understanding A reverse mortgage works opposite to a traditional mortgage. Traditional mortgages require the borrower to pay the debt in monthly payments. On the other hand, reverse mortgage increases over time as it does notRead More
How Much Down Payment For First Time Home Buyers
A first time home buyer may face many hurdles during the process. Such as student loans, lack of financial resources and lack of experience. As the financial resources are limited, most buyers have to take assistance from mortgage lenders and loan providers, and all these providers require you to make a down payment which ranges between 10-20%. But the question is – is this amount right? If not; what is the right ‘first time home buyer down payment amount’? This first time home buyer guide will provide you all theRead More
First Time Home Buyers Program
Buying a home is a dream for all of us, and we work tirelessly to turn that dream into reality. Some of us can achieve this, others often fail. The main reason behind the failure is a weak financial condition or just lack of knowledge about the programs that help us buy a home. If you are also on a house hunt and looking for best first time home buyers program regarding mortgage and down payment assistance, this article will provide you information about everything that you are looking for.Read More
Single Family House For Sale Under 100k Sellect Realty
Stunningly updated ranch house! Located in the prime location of Conyers, GA 30012. New heating, new air conditioning, new interior, new exterior and new carpet! This single family house for sale under 100k has everything under the sun. Take a look at the incredible features here. General Features: Property type: Residential detached home Built in: 1975 Perfect condition County: Rockdale Construction type: Frame Sewer Description: Septic tank Public water connected 1 story 1,443 Square Feet Room Details: The room particulars of this single family home for sale in GA are:Read More