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Cobb County School Jobs – Best Job Opportunities Near Atlanta, GA

Posted by Sellect Realty on November 25, 2016
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The Cob county school district is one of the best in the country. There are a number of high profile schools with unbelievable career opportunities. According to the new listings, there are several Cobb County school jobs available in most renowned schools in the county.

The job descriptions can be seen below.

Cobb County Schools Job Descriptions

Job title

Posting date



Supply Teacher ESOL (SUP1) 11-22-2016 Supply Barber Middle School – 0330
ASP Assistant Instructor, classified, regular education 11-18-2016 After school program Powder spring elementary school
Supply teacher, 5th grad 11-18-2016 Supply Harmony Leland elementary school
Paraprofessional, instructional 11-18-2016 Paraprofessional regular Ed Griffin Middle School
Teacher, MG English Language Arts, 8th Grade 11-18-2016 Certified Cooper Middle School
Tutor, Certified 11-18-2016 Tutor Cooper Middle School
School Nurse(409C/409D) [183] 11-18-2016 Classified King Springs Elementary School
Teacher, Special Education General Curriculum IRR (171) [190] 11-17-2016 Special Education Acworth Elementary School
Teacher, ESOL (144A) [190] 11-17-2016 Certified Kennesaw Mountain High School
Supply Teacher, Language Arts 11-17-2016 Supply Campbell High School

The stats about Cobb County school jobs were taken from
You can also visit their website for more Cobb County school jobs Georgia.

How to Apply for Cobb County School Jobs?

Applying for Jobs in Cobb County School District is easy. All you have to do is to:

1. Go to
2. Scroll down the home page and find the listings
3. Choose the job you intend to apply for
4. Click apply
5. After that it will ask you to create an account
6. You will see an option which says ‘create new account and apply’
7. Here you will be required to give basic information about yourself
8. Provide the information

Congratulations, you have gone through the whole registration process successfully. Now you can apply for the job you want the most.

However, after submitting the form, if you feel like there is something missing. Or you want to add more to the application form, you can also make changes and update it.

How to update the application form for Jobs in Cobb County Schools?

1. Login back to your account
2. There will be an option of ‘Profile tab’, click it
3. Click on the type of application you want to update
4. Make your changes carefully
5. Click on the ‘submit’ button
6. Your application is now updated

However, if you are looking for school jobs in Cobb County, but have never been there and having doubts about making a move to the area. Here are some advantages that will help to clear all your doubts.

Why Get a School Job in Cobb County?

There are several benefits of working in school district of the county. The advantages are:

1. Huge opportunities for your career growth
2. Great community benefits
3. Outstanding staff and faculty members
4. The school district is huge. So moving for job relocation within the district is easy – in case you found a better job
5. Chance to teach students who belong to different communities
6. Pension facilities and off days on holidays

These are some of the main advantages that Cobb County School Jobs provide you. So I wish you best of luck in your job hunt.


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