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First Time Home Buyer Questions – Information From Your Real Estate Agent

Posted by Sellect Realty on April 1, 2017
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Buying a home can be a daunting thought to many. It can take up to a few days, months or even years to find the one suitable to your needs?

However, the right match is not always guaranteed. Many first time homebuyers make mistakes that can easily be avoided by simply contacting a Sellect Realty agent. From inexperience to lack of knowledge, first-time homebuyers may be able to avoid a regrettable decision they would otherwise make on their own.

A Sellect Realty agent can help you to understand the process and guide you through the troubles that may come. Below are some points of interest that your agent may be able to find out for you.

General Questions:

Your agent is a significant resource for you in the home-buying process. With you in mind, they take the knowledge of the area, along your preferred property, to create a transaction that is in your best interest.

Some of the first-time home buyer questions that may be acquired from your realtor are:

Why are the owners selling their property?

▪A seller may share their intentions on where they will be going, or how quickly they need to sell with your real estate agent. The information may be to your advantage in contract negotiations.

How long have the owners owned the property?

▪Although this is not a guarantee, the owners may know interesting facts about the property the longer they have owned it. For example, in the case of an ice storm, or other rare occurences, what happens to the property? If they have lived there for a shorter time period, they may not have experienced these things themselves and have no knowledge of it.

How long has the property been on the market?

▪The duration of the property on the market can affect negotiations. There may be a reason it is taking a longer time to sell. What could the reason be? If the owners are getting desperate to sell, this also may be to your advantage in contract negotiations.

When will the sellers be moving out?

▪Have the sellers already moved out? Have they found a house? Does their move depend on the purchase of another home for themselves? If not, how much time is it going to take for them to get out? Viewing the property, contract stipulations, and closing dates can all be affected by these important points of interest that an agent can find out for you.

How did the sellers determine their asking price?

▪Your Sellect Realty agent may be able to find out about the factors that were involved in determining the seller’s asking price for the home you are interested in. Is there a hidden reason as to why the price seems so low? What upgrades have been done to make the price so high?

▪A Sellect Realty agent will compare your property of interest to similar properties for sale in the area, as well as those that have sold. This analysis of the market will help in determining if the property is correctly priced and what to offer for it.

What are the details of the property?

Many times, you will not have unlimited and free access to the home you are interested in. Specifics such as the square footage, included appliances, upgrades, and more are not always advertised by the owner in flyers left outside. A Sellect Realty agent will be able to acquire all of this important information for you to ensure that the house fits your criteria for your family and needs.

Other questions that may be answered by an agent are, but not limited to:

▪ How many rooms are there?

▪ Is there space for a home office?

▪ Are there enough car bays in the garage?

▪ How many rooms are there?

▪ How many and what kind of bathrooms are there?

▪ Is there any storage space?

▪ Is there a fireplace?

▪ How far is the swimming pool if there is one?

▪ What are the heating and cooling specifics?

▪ What schools are assigned to the property?

▪ What types of public transportation are nearby?

▪ What is available for shopping and entertainment?

▪ Is there a homeowners association, and if so, what are the fees?

▪ Is there a swim and tennis facility available in the area?

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