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First Time Home Buyer Questions – Questions To Ask A Realtor When Buying First Home

Posted by Sellect Realty on December 28, 2016
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Buying a home is a grueling process. It can take from days up to a few months, or maybe even years. After spending so much time, you would want your home to be a perfect home. However, a buying perfect home is not always guaranteed.

Numerous first time home buyers make mistakes that can be easily avoided. But for not having enough experience of buying a home before, they end up making the shady deal and regretting it later. To save yourself from any regrets, make a list of first time home buyer questions that must be asked from your realtor.

General Questions to Ask Realtor When Buying a Home:

A realtor/real estate agent is the most significant person in the home-buying process. He has the perfect knowledge of the area, property that you are interested in and owner of the property for sale. Some of the first-time home buyer questions that must be asked from your realtor are:


  • Why the homeowners are selling a property?

A seller often shares all his information with the realtor. Being a first-time homeowner, asking this question can be of great significance. If the reason is job relocation or something that put the owners in a hurry, chances are you will get the house for a lower price.

  • For how much time the owners lived there?

Knowing about the period that the owners spent there is important too. If they lived there for a short time-period, like, a year or two; there are probably noisy neighbors or hidden flaws in the house that made them move out.

  • How long has the property been on the listings?

Ask him the duration of property for which it has been on the listings. If it has been there for over three months, ask him why is it taking so long for it to sell?

  • When will the sellers be moving out?

Have the sellers already moved out? Have they found a house to move out? If not, how much time is it going to take for them to get out? This is the list of questions for first time home buyers to ask the realtor about the owner’s moving-out schedule. If they have yet to decide about hitting the road, the amount of uncertainty will be high. So it’s better to pass the deal.

  • What were the factors involved when determining the asking price?

Ask your real estate agent about the factors that were involved in determining the asking price. He is most likely to provide you the reasons, and then it is up to you to analyze and decide whether the asking price is good. Also, visit other homes of the same caliber and compare their prices with the one you are going to buy. If all seems fine, then go ahead to make further proceedings.


List Of The Questions For First Time Home Buyer

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Questions to Ask Your Realtor When Viewing a Home – Size of The Home

After asking about the general details of the home, your next step should be viewing the home and ask more questions. Some of the questions to ask when viewing a home as a first-time home buyer are:

  • What is the size of the home?

The size of the home will determine whether it is going to fulfill your family needs or not. So make sure you get the right idea about the house. Buying too small or too large house is never a good idea. If it is small, it will never meet your family requirements. If it is large, it may cause financial problems in the future regarding loans and other expenses. The list of first-time buyer questions to ask when viewing a house includes:

  • How many rooms does it have?
  • How many rooms you actually need
  • What kind of bathrooms you want? Separate or join ones?
  • Do you need space for a personal home office?
  • Is the parking space enough for your cars etc.

These questions will help you determine the right size of the home, and whether it is suitable for your family needs or not. After getting detailed information about the size of a home, your next step must be asking about the home amenities.

Questions to Ask Your Realtor About the Home Amenities:

Ask your realtor about the home amenities and make sure the house has everything that you wish for. Your checklist of first time home buyer questions for realtor must include the following points.

  • Ask about the air-conditioning facilities
  • Is there any storage space?
  • Is there any fireplace?
  • How far is the swimming pool?
  • The indoor air circulation quality, etc.

Questions to Ask Your Realtor About The Location:

The home location matters a lot. You would want your home to be in a place where you can feel at home. And not somewhere which brings stress to your life. Some of the Good first time home buyer questions while asking about the location are:

  • Is it located in the countryside, city or a town?
  • How is the transportation?
  • If you have kids, ask how far is the school district?
  • If it is far, is the transport available?
  • How far is the commercial area, etc.

These are a few questions from the list of good first time home buyer questions to ask your realtor. After getting details about the location, go ahead and gather information about the neighborhood. You can also watch this video to avoid biggest mistakes when buying home.


Common First Time Home Buyer Questions To Ask About Neighborhood:The list of questions about the neighborhood that must be asked from your real estate agent includes:

  • Is the neighborhood safe?
  • What is the condition of street lighting?
  • Are there proper sidewalks?
  • Is there any playground – in case you have kids
  • Is it safe for children/elderly to move around, etc.

These are the most common first time home buyer questions to ask your realtor. Make sure all the answers provided to you are according to your desired needs. If there is something suspicious and your realtor fails to give you a satisfactory answer, move on! There are plenty of other houses on the market that meet your requirements and give you’re a better lifestyle.


One thought on “First Time Home Buyer Questions – Questions To Ask A Realtor When Buying First Home

  • Ernest London
    on July 12, 2017

    I like that you mentioned to find out how far the schools are from the home you are looking at. That way, you can know whether or not it is a good place to raise your kids. I am trying to find the right home for my family to move into, and schools are important to us. I will make sure to ask about this when we view homes.

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