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Artificial Grass Installation – How Long Does It Take To Install Artificial Grass

Posted by Sellect Realty on May 18, 2017
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Artificial Grass or Turf is a surface of synthetic fibers and looks like a natural grass. People used it for the homes-lawn and want their garden or lawn to look vivacious, neat and clean all the year. It is ideal grass for kids and pets too.

There are many varieties of turf in different colors, textures and pile heights. Pool side the high-quality synthetic artificial grass is also available, which suit your requirements. Artificial turf is also used in arenas for sports grounds.

But why make replace your natural grass with you’re an artificial synthetic grass?

You can’t believe, but the major reason is your enjoyment because, it is difficult to maintain a beautiful and perfect garden at your home, with busy lives that every one of us leads these days.

Replacing your garden grass with synthetic grass means less time occupied, more time calming in the garden and which is looks outstanding all the year.

Artificial Grass

Artificial Turf Vs Artificial Grass:

There is no major difference in Artificial Turf and Artificial Grass and its almost same thing.

Artificial Turf:

Artificial Turf is often used in arenas for the games that are normally played on grass.

Artificial Grass:

Artificial Grass is used for lawns or garden. Synthetic fiber grass is easy to maintain and no need of Shearing, weeding, and watering.

You can be chilled out with the glass of lemonade on your lawn when their lawns agonize during the unavoidable summer hosepipe ban. Artificial grass is UV resistant too. Plastic grass or turf is weatherproof, long lasting and animal-friendly too.

Artificial Turf Sports

Artificial Grass Installation

The artificial grass is physically manufactured in the UK or Europe. There are many professional Artificial Grass Installation services for domestic’s garden, schools, and commercial projects. Synthetic grass can be easy if the two synthetic grass is not installed at same time. A typical installation is between one to three days.

There are some steps which follow before the installation of artificial grass,

  • Pre-Installation

Remove the all existing materials and clean the area to create a solid base.

  • Base Preparation

To allow a proper drainage, install a ½ or less crumpled base and install this layer three inches deep.

  • Compacting Base

The base should be solid and compact the base by vivacious, filling and rolling the gravel.

  • Laying Turf

Find a perpendicular edge of turf for the alignment. Fit the area and minimize the trimming and filling on all four sides.

  • Custom Fitting Turf

Cut the turf by one inch sideways the edge and cut in S-shape to avoid the turf pushing up. Use the U-shaped pins to join the turf edges together.

  • Tucking Turf

By using the wonder bar, hide the edges of your turf alongside the hardscape.

  • Apply Infill

Use a power brush to infill the grass to be applied.

  • Final Groom

Remove any excess debris by using the power brush and again infill the pellets into the base of the turf.


Artificial Grass Installation

Artificial grass installation cost:

The initial cost of installing a natural grass lawn is less than half a synthetic grass lawn’s initial cost; a customer can hypothetically comprehend their return on the asset in about 2.5 years.

The installation cost of 1200 square foot of natural grass lawn is about $ 2.50 per square foot and the total cost will be $ 3,000. If you can add the irrigation system then cost will be about $ 4,500.

The installation cost of 1200 square foot of synthetic grass lawn is about $ 8.00 per square foot and initially, a cost will be $ 10,800.

Annual expenses of natural grass including irrigation, fertilization, and chemicals, are $ 2268 whereas synthetic grass annual expenses are $ 175 along with little water and power brush cleaning.

Now the choice is yours, to save money and time.

Artificial Grass Installation Cost

Artificial Grass Cost Calculator:

You can calculate the cost of synthetic grass through the Artificial Grass Cost Calculator and save your money to switching from real grass to synthetic turf.

Did you know that 75% of your monthly water bill is consumed on watering your garden or lawn?

Use the calculator on the different sites to calculate your monthly lawn expenses.


Artificial Grass Cost Calculator

Artificial Grass for Dogs – How safe artificial grass is for the dogs

How safe artificial grass is for the dog?? So do not take tension your surface absolutely will be safe, clean and lead-free because this grass is animals friendly.

Now a day’s technology has advanced in recent years and dog-friendly artificial grass we endorse is extremely soft which would not infuriate your dog’s paws. In summer months artificial grass has an enjoyable surface temperature and your pets will love to lie on the soft warm edges.

Cleaning up is fairly straightforward on artificial grass. The grass is UV resistant stable and no browner covers. The pet-friendly artificial grass is pricked to allow drainage.

 How to Clean Artificial Grass for Dogs:

Cleaning up is easy for your beloved dogs. On the artificial grass, drainage is pricked and solid waste can be picked up and washed away easily. If your lawn or garden is vulnerable to mud in wet weather, you will surely notice the absence of muddy footpaths post installation and artificial grass is UV stable, therefore, no brown or stonewashed patches on grass.

Artificial Grass For Dogs

How Synthetic/Artificial Grass Helps the Environment?

Artificial Grass stays green all year and it also helps in numerous features of environment conservation.

  • Water Conservation

Past few years many countries suffer from the dangerous dearth and water restricting is, unfortunately, becoming ordinary. One square foot of Artificial Grass can save up around 55 gallons of water per year according to Southern Nevada Water Authority.

  • Pesticides

People suffer from the bugs, insects, wildflowers and overgrowth in their lawns and gardens. People use the chemicals for safety from pesticides and it has harmful side effects. In Artificial Grass there are no bugs and pesticides and your lawn will be clean and tidy.

  • Carbon Emission

According to the Environment Protection Agency, an artificial grass lawn requires negligible keep with gas powered lawn equipment. There are multiple environment advantages like eliminating water and chemical waste and reducing carbon releases.

Artificial turf can be the solution to many continuing environment problems.


How Synthetic Artificial Grass Helps The Environment

How long does artificial turf last?

For Artificial Grass, no certified manufactured assurances to last more than eight years but high-quality synthetic grass can last between 10 to 15 years and it depends on the weather condition and stuff.

How to Dispose of Artificial Grass Once a Replacement Needed?

Once your lawn or garden needs a replacement, your grass can be liable at any landfill. In future technology is progressively working towards a more recyclable substantial.


How Long Does Artificial Turf Last

Pros and Cons of Artificial Grass/Turf for Homes:

Artificial Turf manufactured of polyethylene Plastic Grass and fill with Crumb Rubber. Pros and cons of Artificial Turf is given below,


  • Lower Maintenance Cost

The initial cost of synthetic grass is about $ 10,800 which is high but after it reduces to $ 35k to $ 5k at per year.

  • Pesticide Free

Artificial Grass does not require any treatment with pesticides and fertilizers. It’s free of bugs and insects

  • Fewer Injuries

On the surface of artificial grass, there are fewer injuries and on natural grass, ultimately turns into massive patches of greasy mud.

  • Saves Water

About 50,000 gallons of water per week, you can save.


Artificial Grass Pros and Cons


  • Heat Hazard

It is too hot to play in tremendously warm weather because the artificial grass is heat absorbing properties.

  • Harmful Chemical

Rubbers which are used inside the synthetic grass contain toxic metals like arsenic, cadmium, chromium and selenium.

  • Bacterial Breeding Ground

Staphylococci and bacteria can endure on the polyethylene plastics, according to medical experts.

  • Once Artificial, Always Artificial

If you go with artificial turf, you have no option to install another artificial turf field. If you want to grow a natural grass after artificial turf, it kills living organism in the subsoil. Then you need years of oil remediation to grow anything on that surface.


There are many benefits and disadvantages of Artificial Grass or Turf. If you want to save your money and time then install synthetic fiber grass.

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