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How To Choose A Realtor When Buying/Selling – Find Right Realtor Now

Posted by Sellect Realty on October 15, 2016
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Buying or selling a home is a long, tricky process. It is also probably going to be the most significant financial investment of one’s life. So choosing a right realtor is a must. However, not many home buyers/sellers have the idea as to how to choose a realtor to buy or sell  when buying/selling a house.

As a result, they end up selecting someone with an inferior skill set, making the whole process significantly complicated.

To avoid such situation, here are some killer tips on how to choose a realtor to sell/buy a home.

How To Choose A Realtor – Important Points To Remember:

See The Credentials:

The qualified agents have the membership of NAR (National Association of Realtors). To receive the membership, they must acquire additional training and buy into the code of ethics of NAR, which obliges them to help their clients with all honesty.

Some other credentials to look for are:

  • ABR – Accredited Buyer’s Representative:

An agent with ABR has passed the course in buyer representation and knows how to protect a buyer’s interests.

  • MRP – Military Relocation Professional:

The MRP gives an agent the expertise and authority to assists military personnel and their families with selling/buying a property.

  • CIPS – Certified International Property Specialist:

Looking to buy a property overseas but don’t know how to choose a realtor to buy a home abroad? An agent with CIPS can help you with the process.

  • SRES – Senior Real Estate Specialist:

The agents with SRES certificate specialize in working with home buyers/sellers aged over 50.

Talk To The Past Clients:

Once you are past going through the credentials, your next move should be meeting with your potential agent’s past clients. A good agent should happily provide you with a list of his past clients.

Once you have picked out certain clients for a meet up, ask them how the experience of working with their agent was.

Was it good?

Was it bad?

Remember, some people are hard to please. So contact more than one/two clients for a definite idea.

Interview The Agents:

Once you have made a list of potential agents to work with, contact them for an interview. While interviewing, asking the following questions will help you choose the right agent.

  • How long have you been working? You should go with someone with an experience of more than 2-3 years. The agents with the experience of less than 2-3 years are considered to be in their initial phase. So go with a more experienced one.
  • Ask the kind of properties they buy/sell. You would want an agent who deals with the same properties as yours or the one you are looking for.
  • Ask how they plan to communicate. If he/she is willing to talk on your terms and is flexible with his/her approach towards the process, go ahead and hire the agent.

These are some of the killer tips on how to choose a realtor. However, the criteria for choosing an agent may vary based on whether you are selling a house or buying one.

How To Choose A Realtor When Buying A Home:

If you are out in the hunt and wondering how to choose a realtor to buy a home, asking the following questions will help you make the right selection.

Questions To Ask When Buying A House:

  1. How Long You’ve Been Working In Real-Estate?

The first question to ask while choosing a realtor to buy a home is how long have you been in real -estate? An experienced agent is what you need to buy a perfect home. Anything less than 2-3 years is concerning.

  1. For How Many Years Have You Been Living In This Area?

The second question to ask your agent is How long have you lived in the area? You want an agent who knows the neighborhood downright and has a keen eye on the properties there. An agent who has recently moved to the areas is less likely to fill you in with the accurate information.

  1. Are You A Full-Time Agent Or A Part-Time Agent?

Go with a full a time agent. The part-time agents have a tight schedule which often conflicts with the schedule of their clients.

  1. Do You Work With a Group/Team, Or Alone?

Although there are some excellent standalone realtors, the importance of working with a team cannot be denied. The agents working with groups have increased availability as their colleagues can help you out when they are away.

Found the right agent? Time to take the big step and start the house-hunt.

How To Choose A Realtor When Selling A House?

Below are the questions that will help you determine how to choose a realtor to sell your home.

  1. Again, Ask About The Experience:

As mentioned above, aim for an agent who has the experience of 2-3 or more years for a perfect sale.

  1. What Is The Number Of Homes You Sold In The Last Year

The more sales an agent makes a year, the safer of an option he is to go with. And agent with double-digit sales should do the trick for you.

  1. What Is The Percentage Of Your Sold Listings?

An agent with 60-80% sold listings is what you should be looking for to buy a home.

  1. How Will You Do The Marketing Of My Home?

A good realtor should have a presence on social media and a renowned brokerage site to showcase your listings. Else the process of selling your home can be frustrating.

How To Choose A Realtor – Red Flags To Watch Out For:

Some of the red flags that you must watch out for when selecting a realtor may include:

  • A realtor who does not deal with the buyers with your price range.
  • The part-time realtor.
  • An agent who does not deal with the kind of property you are looking for.
  • The agent who immediately suggests a high listing price. An overpriced home may take longer to sell. So go with the one who keeps it realistic.

Final Word:

Most the buyers have no idea as to how to choose a realtor when selling/buying a home. As a result, they rush into the process and end up choosing a REALTOR with less experience or an inferior skill-set.

The best and easiest way to find a good real estate professional is getting in touch with a well reputed firm of your state. Such firms have several qualified professionals working for them, helping a common folk sell/buy a home.

When talking about reputed firms, SellectRealty is the most renowned real estate firm in Georgia. With over 150 agents, the SellectRealty has become a “go to” name for home buyers/sellers in the state. If you are looking for top-notch realtor in GA, SellectRealty Is the name to go with.


How To Choose A Realtor

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