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How To Find A Real Estate Agent To Sell Your Home

Posted by Sellect Realty on November 9, 2016
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Selling a home can be difficult at times. Most people do not want to sell their homes, but there are some reasons that force them to do so. if they wish to do so , they do not know exact how to find a real estate agent. Some of the reasons as to why people sell their home are:

  1. Home is not big enough
  2. Moving to a better house
  3. Job relocation
  4. Distance from family

However, you cannot sell a home on your own. It requires an assistance of an agent. In case you are wondering how to find a real estate agent, there are some guidelines that should be followed. But first of all, you need to have an exact idea as to who actually is a real estate agent.

Who is a Real Estate Agent?

“An estate agent is someone who has the license of approval from the state to make the sale/purchase of the house.”

how to find a real estate agent buyer

What Does a Real Estate Agent Do?

There are different tasks that a real estate agent can perform. These tasks are:

  1. Home listing
  2. Evaluating home prices based on the current market trends
  3. Market the home in the real estate circle. A real estate circle usually consists of (broker, other agents and MLS members)
  4. Make a schedule for home-showing
  5. Help the negotiations between buyer and a seller

Now that you know everything about real estate agents and how they work, your next step should be hiring one.

How to Find a Real Estate Agent…… Rightly?

It’s obvious that everyone wants to pick the best agent but finding the right real estate agent is not easy. When you begin your search, you will find that the industry is full of amazing agents. Or it seems so due to the amazing advertising methods they use. So the question is, how to find a real estate agent. Or how can you differentiate between a good and a bad real estate agent?


Following steps can help you find one:

  1. Shop around
  2. See the license
  3. Meet previous clients
  4. See their credentials
  5. See their experience
  6. Knowledge about the neighborhood
  • Shop Around:

Many people have no idea as to how to find a real estate agent that knows how the market works. As a result, they rush into the process and end up picking up the wrong one.

Going to an agent’s office and picking him up right away is not a good practice. It might come back and haunt you. Every agent is not what he presents himself to be. It is important that you shop around before picking up an agent. Go to as many agents as you can and pick the one who meets your requirements.


  • Seeing the License:

A license is a proof that the agent has the permission from state to work in real estate. It is necessary that you start your proceedings by doing a license check. It helps you determine the reputation of the agent. It will also help you to know if there have been any disciplinary complaints in the past.

After going the license, you next step should be to meet their previous clients.

how to find a real estate agent to sell your home

credit: Realtor

  • Meet Previous Clients

Ask your agent to provide you with the details of all the property transactions he made in the recent years. Once they have provided you the details, ask them if there are any particular clients who might be happy or disappointed after working with you?

If yes, take their contact information and reach out to them. You can ask them the following questions in order to get a clear idea of how your agent works. The questions are:

  1. How does he deal with the clients?
  2. Are you satisfied with the price he sold your house for?
  3. How long it took to sell the house?

After asking these questions and making sure that everything is right. You can finally move towards the next step which is checking their credentials.

  • See Their Credentials:

Engineers, doctors and entrepreneurs all have their specialties and so do real estate agents. Some of the credentials that you need to look at before hiring an agent are:

  1. Acredited Buyer’s Representative:

It is also known as ABR is for real estate agents who directly with the buyer clients. Some of the benefits of having the ABR certification are:

  • Raises your knowledge and skill in the eyes of buyers
  • Highest standard of training enables you to stay updated with all the new trends in the market
  • It gives you access to Members-only marketing tools and resources, which is very helpful in the competitive market.
  1. Certified Residential Specialist:

Also known as CBR and is the most privileged credential for residential estate agents. Some of the advantages of having CBR are:

  • Increased privilege in the real estate community
  • Increased client base and hence the income
  • Monthly news later for your clients (buyers and sellers both)
  1. Seniors Real Estate Specialist

It is also known as the SRES. The main objective of SRES holders is to help the citizens with 50/50+ age. The advantages of having this credential are:

  • SRES database access
  • Access to the members section of SRES website
  • Guidelines of dealing with aged members

After making sure that the agent has all the required credentials, know about their experience.

  • See their Experience

After reading this title, you might be thinking that how to find a real estate agent who is willing to share their correct experience with you. And the answer is simple, ask them directly! Chances are they will you give the right answer. However, if you need the more credible information, Sellect Realty can help you with the information as well.

Hiring an agent with less than 5 years of experience is not considered to be a good idea. Chances are he is still in the learning phase and using you to increase his experience. Go with the agents with more than 5 years’ experience.

  • Knowledge About the Neighborhood:

An agent with the good knowledge is likely to have more clients willing to buy your house. He knows about your house and he knows people who are looking for the exact same thing. So having a knowledgeable agent can save you a lot of time and close your deal in a quick succession.


These are some of the instructions that most people need to keep in mind while trying to figure out how to find a real estate agent while selling their house. Following them will surely make your house-selling process a lot easier.

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