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How We Sell Homes

Selling a home is stressful. We get it; that’s why we work hard to reduce stress while coaching our clients through the largest financial transaction they will likely make in their lifetime. There are a few things that Sellect agents focus on that increase the chances of a smooth transaction for more money at the closing table.

Setting the Price

Setting the price is one of the two most crucial aspects in listing a home. Many homeowners tend to base their price opinion from websites like Zillow; however, Zillow has never been in a single house and 80% of the properties in Metro Atlanta can be found within a 20% range of their Zestimates. This means that a $300,000 house should be valued between $260,000 and $340,000. That’s a big difference. Our agents assess the current trends for our neighborhoods and then follow up with an in depth CMA (comparable market analysis). It is imperative to list homes near their actual value because more time on the market will result in a lower bottom line. 


The second most important facet of selling a house for the most money is the media that’s used in advertising the property. People are highly visual and currently, have a shorter attention span than a goldfish. It’s important to capture their attention for your home within 6 seconds. The most effective way to capture this attention is through professional photos that make the house come to life. We will help our clients prep the house for marketing, couch on repairs and, when ready, we will schedule the photographer. Sellect Realty partners with some of the best photographers in the industry and have the tools to make sure our homes get views. In addition to the photos, we also use commercial-quality video content, 3D tours, and drone footage when applicable. We have the best tools in the industry at our agent’s disposal.


What good is advertising if no one sees it? We give our client homes some of the most significant exposure in the market. Our advertisements start with the MLS systems. In Metro Atlanta we have two: FMLS and GA MLS. Sellect Realty opts to list on both so we can reach every agent in the area. Once the property is listed on the MLS’ we push the property listing to a publishing system that will place our property listings on 1000+ public/consumer sites for searching properties.  These sites include premium listings on Zillow, Trulia, and Each property gets a dedicated website on that we use to share our listings on social media. Our agents have been trained in social media marketing and are well positioned to run ads that generate great buyer leads for our homes.

The theme in our exposure plan is to make our home ßstand out. We work diligently online, but also in person. Our premium signage POPS and helps the home stand out from the competition. We also offer professional presentation packages for potential buyers and/or the public during drive-bys.


We sell two homes every day, so our agents are well versed in negotiation tactics, contracts, and managing the transaction. Our goal is to be an asset to our clients, not another expense. We put our full knowledge base to work for our clients and even help with out of state relocations through our network of industry leaders through out the country. Sellect Realty agents are educators, community leaders, industry experts and all-around great people who want to see our clients happy!

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