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Single Family Attached vs Multi-Family – What Suits You Best?

Posted by Sellect Realty on April 1, 2017
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Single Family Attached vs Multi-Family – What Suits You Best?

Owning a home is everyone’s dream. However, it is important to understand the right property for your situation. Real estate can be a large investment, and not just any property will make you feel like you have made the best choice. When the right home is chosen, you will feel wonderful about it – like a dream.

Common options for buyers in the market for a family home are what are called “single family detached,” “single family attached,” and “multi-family.” There is a slight difference between the options.

▪ Terminology:

To begin with, “single family detached” is a freestanding unit that can house one family. There are no houses connected to the unit, and there is a space between the next property, commonly with a yard partition. “Single family attached” can be thought of as a house that is attached to another house – think of a row of townhouses, for example. “Multi-family” can be a large house that has been separated into two such as a converted large house, or duplex.

While looking for a single family attached home for rent, or a single family home for sale, there are advantages and disadvantages that come with each option.

▪ Advantages of a single family detached home:


Single family homes usually have yards. Parties, family gatherings, and events can be held with greater ease than just having an indoor area to work with.

Separate Walls and Floors:

There are no shared walls or floors in single family detached homes. There is less to worry about if there are noisy neighbors, or you would like an additional boundary in between.

They Give You Privacy:

Another advantage of a single family detached vs single family attached vs multifamily homes is the privacy. Here you have complete privacy. If you want to hold a pool party, a bonfire or spend some private time with your family, these homes provide you complete privacy in this regard.

There Is Room For Your Belongings:

In single family detached homes, there is usually plenty of room for storage. If you have belongings that are not under frequent use: put it into storage.

This could be an old bicycle, old clothes, or anything that is not in use.

They Can Be Expanded:

Single family detached homes usually have a yard or other free space. Expanding these homes can be an option.

▪ Disadvantages of a single family detached home:


Maintenance costs can be higher. All repairs, renovation and routine care is your responsibility.


Single family detached homes are usually more costly than a single family attached, or multi-family unit.

▪ Advantages of a single family attached home or multi-family home: 

The single family attached and multi-family home is very similar. The advantages and disadvantages are compared together, with the exceptions being notated.


In single family attached and multi-family homes, the price of the unit is usually lower than a single family detached house.


Single family detached and multi-family homes can be great investments with added monthly income and future home equity.


Maintenance costs can be lower. Repairs, renovation and routine care may not be your responsibility.

▪ Disadvantages of a single family attached home or multi-family home:


Single family attached and multi-family homes are sometimes smaller than single family homes. The yard, if there is one, may be small and have restrictions on what can be done to it.

They Can’t Be Expanded:

Expanding these homes may not be an option.


A homeowner’s association may require a monthly fee.


Choosing single family attached, single family detached, or multifamily home is an individual’s choice. All three options have advantages and disadvantages associated with them. The final decision will need to have these points taken into account before you make your dreams come true.

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