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Simple Smart Home Upgrades to Sell Your House

Posted by Sellect Realty on October 31, 2016
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Help Your House Sell With These Smart Home Upgrades 

Adding value to prospective Buyer’s can sometimes be the difference between a contract or a stale house. One popular way to add value is through the addition of smart home upgrades. There are several systems available. The two most popular are the Amazon-enabled systems and the Apple Home-Kit enabled Systems. Each works with different technologies to enable total control of your home from unlocking doors to dimming the lights. The technology you choose should all work with the same system for ease of use.

Smart Home Control

The controller will allow you to dim lights, close the garage door, lock the house, or turn off the tv! Throw in an Apple TV or Amazon Echo for additional controls. The Logitech Harmony Series can directly control your TV and other Smart Home technology. Consider adding an Amazon Echo or Apple TV for additional functionality including Voice Control of your home.


Smart Thermostat

These Smart Thermostats will monitor and adjust the temperature to improve energy efficiency in the home. They can also be controlled from anywhere via Apple’s HomeKit or through individual apps. They can not only control the temperature, but also additional environmental settings like humidity, lifestyle timing to save energy while away and more! The Nest was the first popular smart thermostat, but the new ecobee 3 is compatible with the Apple HomeKit.

nest-smart-home-upgrades ecobee-3-smart-home-upgrades

Smart Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Detector

Smoke detectors can now talk to you and let you know the type of fire it’s detected, and be shut off via connected app. It can also alert you if it ever goes off in while you’re away. This is a great way to have technology give you piece of mind about your home when away.


Smart Lighting

Smart Lighting

Through Phillips’ Hue technology, you can adjust your home for the perfect lighting by tweaking the color and brightness right from your smartphone

phillips-hue-bulb-smart-home-upgrades phillips-hue-bridge-smart-home-upgrades


The August Smart Lock can be open/closed remotely, or just by standing near it! The best part is it works with most standard deadbolt lock sets. A smart lock like this will prevent anyone from getting locked-out since you can unlock the door from anywhere!







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